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Consensus® Search Support System – Service Level Agreement
  1. Responsibilities of Licensor
    1. Licensor shall provide services to host, maintain, and support Licensee’s access to and operation of Software from the effective date of delivery of on-line access to Licensee’s branded instance of Software for the duration of license agreement.
    2. Licensor shall install branded instance of Software for Licensee within 30 calendar days of the execution of a license agreement.
    3. During installation of a branded instance of Software, Licensor shall provide Licensee with system user guides including a Search Committee User’s Guide, Search Committee Secretary’s Guide, and System Administrator’s Guide. Licensee shall have the discretion to brand or colorize the user guides with institutional logos or indentia, for internal or client distribution in either electronic or print formats, provided HigherEdDecisions’ copyright notice is retained.
    4. Licensor shall assure that Licensee experiences 99.95% uptime access to Software through its host partner, NTT/Verio Solutions, over the course of the Consensus® license agreement with HigherEdDecisions
      1. Virtual Help Desk. Licensor shall maintain a virtual help desk accessible to Licensee’s system administrator by telephone or email during the period 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday (CST) excluding Federal holidays.
      2. Administrative Support. Licensor shall acknowledge requests for administrative support within four hours of receipt and provide 24-hour resolution regarding questions pertaining to system functionality.
      3. Technical Support. Licensor shall acknowledge requests for technical support within four hours of receipt and provide 24-hour diagnostic assessment with respect to service interruptions or technical assistance in accessing Licensee’s instance of Software.
      4. Response times for technical support shall be construed as targets and not as contractual obligations. Response time commitments do not promise a complete resolution within the stated time frames. Rather, the time commitment is meant to indicate the maximum time interval in which Licensor will acknowledge and diagnose technical problems and advise Licensee on estimated time for resolution.
    5. Licensor shall maintain secure and redundant records and archives for applicant records on behalf of Licensee; shall maintain secure and redundant records and archives for Licensee’s search process records; and shall convey all such records to Licensee in electronic format within 30 calendar days of the natural expiration or non-renewal of this license agreement.
    6. Licensor acknowledges that all applicant records and search process records shall be construed as the exclusive property of Licensee. Licensor shall not release such records to any 3rd party without the prior written authorization of Licensee or a court order signed by a judge of competent jurisdiction (provided that Licensee shall first have opportunity to challenge the validity or jurisdiction of any such purported court order).

  2. Responsibilities of Licensee
    1. Licensee shall designate a System Administrator who shall serve as the sole contact for application support between Licensee and Licensor regarding both administrative and technical support. Licensor’s help desk contact information shall be restricted to Licensee’s System Administrator (and operational back-ups), but shall not be distributed among Licensee’s system users.
    2. Licensee’s System Administrator shall be responsible, as necessary, for communicating any announcements, maintenance schedules, and procedures to Licensee’s faculty, staff or administrators as they pertain to System services.
    3. Licensee’s System Administrator shall be responsible for all of the duties described in the Consensus® System Administrator’s Guide including establishing and managing vacancies, creating user IDs and passwords for search committee members, training search committee staff, and creating duplicate archives of candidate records at the institutional level (as desired).

  3. Description of Host Partner
  4. HigherEdDecisions LLC has contracted with NTT/Verio Solutions as its host partner for Consensus®. NTT/Verio is a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications – the largest telecommunications firm in the world with 2001 revenues in excess of $100 billion (compared to $66 billion for AT&T, as the 2nd largest firm). Verio Solutions is exclusively in the business of providing web applications in support of business and is the world’s largest operator of web sites for businesses, utilizing its own global IP network designed and built exclusively for IP data transport. Verio has been recognized as the top performer under times of high network activity with a download time of 0.56 milliseconds (compared to 0.68 milliseconds for 6th ranked AT&T).
    The primary data center that will host Consensus® is located in Dulles, VA outside of Washington, D.C. In addition, Verio has the internal network capacity to automatically back-up data and transfer operations to data centers in Dallas, TX or San Jose, CA (as well as Asian and European centers) providing unparalleled depth in data integrity and operational continuity. Verio is not a reseller of another company’s IP capacity. It is the IP provider itself, with some 250,000 clients worldwide, hosting over 450,000 websites.

  5. Responsibilities of Host Partner
  6. Consensus® operates on a 24x7x365 basis in a web environment with candidates accessing the system through a Windows web server where candidate-provided application materials are stored. The system passes only candidate credentials, search committee credentials, and candidate evaluation information to an Oracle database server. Consensus® operates in a managed private server environment, subject to the following technical specifications and performance standards.

    1. Web Server Specifications & Maintenance
      1. Dual Intel XEON 3.0 GHz processors.
      2. RAM: 2 GB, scalable on demand.
      3. 140 GB (SATA Web Disk Drive).
      4. 140 GB (SATA) Backup Drive for Web Disk.
      5. 140 GB (SATA) RAID.
      6. .NET Framework 2.0, including support for ASP.NET 2.0 and ADO.NET
      7. Data Transfer: 2000 GB per month, scalable on demand.
      8. Automated data backup with near-line, remote site, and bare metal recovery capacity.
      9. 128 bit encryption security certificate provided by VeriSign.
    2. Oracle Server Specifications & Maintenance
      1. Shared Oracle10g Standard Hosting with private table space on a partitioned Oracle server.
      2. Dual Intel XEON 3.0 GHz Processors.
      3. RAM: 4GB, scalable on demand.
      4. Six hard drives, 143 GB each. Two on RAID1 for root OS; two on RAID1 for customer data and back-up; and two hot spares.
      5. 150 concurrent connections.
      6. 725 MB disk space, scalable on demand.
      7. Automated backup with near-line, remote site, and bare metal recovery capacity.
      8. 24/7 monitoring by NTT/Verio.
      9. Red Hat Linux 3 AS.
      10. 128 bit encryption security certificate provided by VeriSign.
    3. Perfomance Standards
      1. In addition to maintaining server capacity and operations, Verio is responsible for providing all Oracle database maintenance functions, including installation of upgrades or patches and ensuring 24x7 operations.
      2. NTT/Verio provides a service level agreement that assures Licensee will experience 99.95% uptime access to Software over the course of the Consensus® license agreement with HigherEdDecisions.